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99% of kidney stones can be treated without open surgery.

Making the most of laser technology in kidney stone removal in three Steps:

  • Get revaluation means.....
  • Repeat tests to know and compare the latest status .
  • Get select consultation means ....
  • Select means keeping the patient's priorty for no cut technology and painless and faster recovery
  • Know the affordable cost packages means ......
  • Reduced stay in hospital and minimal or no cut technology is much less.

    Stone prevention diet charting (included) means....
    Knowing your chances of stone recurrence and get to know steps tailor made for you.

We are successfully treating kidney and urinary tract stones up to the size of 28 mm with ESWL or Lithotripsy without DJ stenting in most cases.


One of the greatest advancements in medical treatments which has drastically reduced the need for open surgery to remove small stones to 1 to 4 percent now days.

Ideal For

This revolutionary techniques is ideal for stones up to 25 mm in any part in urinary system.


The procedures uses focussed shock waves targeted to stone and this energy converts the hard stone to fine particles which gradually passes with urine.

Mandatory requirements before starting ESWL
1.) Functioning kidneys so that urinary production pushes the particles out
2.) Patent passage so that particles pass freely.
3.) Size of stone. Small 4 mm stones upto 25 mm successfully by ESWL with or without DJ stenting.
4.) In case of urinary infection, the tract has to be treated with antibiotics before starting the treatment.

PROCESS IN BRIEF (check video)

Extracorporeal or shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most common type of lithotripsy. "Extracorporeal" means outside the body and no cut is given on the body. Shock waves pass inside the body through skin like in an X ray ..

You will wear a medical gown and lie on an exam table on top of a soft, water-filled cushion. You will be given a mild sedative or pain medicine before the procedure starts if needed .Most cases do not need it. You will also be given antibiotics before the procedure start to prevent infection.

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Some Useful Information

Cutting edge Varian beam Laser technology in Urolife







Kidney Stone Treatment - ESWL


Kidney Stone Treatment - PCNL


Team of Best Experienced Urologists, Imaging specialists and Lithotripsy experts in Delhi

RIRS: Using an endoscope or thin flexible tube, the stone is seen and reached and fragmented through laser energy and then retrieved without any cut. …...Read More

URS: Using the natural urinary passage endoscope which is flexible or rigid is passed to fragment and remove stones in ureter. …...Read More

CYSTOSCOPY: Done to remove bladder stone of any size, this uses an endoscope fitted with laser to fragment the stone. …...Read More

ESWL /Lithotripsy: Stone removal using focussed shock waves which fragment the stone to sand or powder form which gets drained out along with urine. …..……..Read More

PCNL: Minimal invasive procedure to remove kidney stone where a scope of 10 mm is passed and stone is removed in fragments through laser energy …..……..Read More

"I will not cut, even for the stone, but leave such procedures to the practitioners of the craft"

--Hippocrates Oath--

Treatment Guide

Stone Size Procedure
2 to 4 mm Medicines, ESWL
4 to 12 mm ESWL, URS, RIRS
Upto 15 mm URS, RIRS
Upto 25 mm ESWL, PCNL
UPTO 38 mm PCNL with ESWL if retained fragments
UPTO 45 mm size in bladder CYSTOSCOPY

What our patients says

  • I was supposed to travel but due to sudden pain I was hospitalised .I was sure to miss my schedule but when I contacted Urolife I was guided well .I was stone free in next two days .Thanks 

    Vineeta Ahuja

    221 DLF phase 1

  • Got a good option , whereas I was advised stent and surgery both .Wish Urolife success for future plans .The cost too was much less as compared to big hospitals. 

    Mr Jhulka P

    221 Tara apartments GK

  • My treatment done well with good after care and the package was value for money ,initially I was worried but later I found they did not charge me more than expected .

    I recommend Urolife to patients looking for laser stone removal .  

    Dr Shantu Kumar


Why Shockwaves/Laser?

  • Best option to avoid surgery
  • Stone Converted To Particles 1 To 2 Mm Size And Then Passes Out In Urine
  • No Cut and fast process with faster recovery
  • No Pain, Safe Done World Wide

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Doctors Team

  • Dr Rahul Yadav, MD Director & Imaging Specialist.
  • Chief Urologist Dr Satyabrat Gadhanayak, MS. DNB
    Visiting transplant Urologist, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
    And associated
  • Urologists and Imaging Specialist
  • Lithotripsy Consultants, Nephrologists, Anaesthetists

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Know Your Treatment

  • Treatment options now days are in the field of lasers using endourology wherein normal urinary passage is used to reach the stone and stone is fragmented using lasers or shock waves, no open surgery is hence done in majority of cases.
  • They are known by names as RIRS, URS, cystoscopic removal, intra or extracorporeal lithotripsy. PCNL and MiniPCNL.
  • Urolife stone hospital has more information, including videos and diagrams of stone management procedures to help you better understand your options.

Medicines can only expel small 4 to 5 mm stones possibly however larger stones need fragmentation and removal in a single step.

Diagnosis will be primarily done to establish the location and size of stone and hardness too needs to be established in certain cases of ESWL .After blood tests including kidney function and bleeding time, the procedure options will be discussed with patient and decided by the specialist doctors.

Laser stone removal and ESWL along with MiniPCNL procedures have been refined and are use in India.

Single and multiple stones of various chemical compositions, size and shapes can be treated using different technology.

Yes recurrent stones can be treated, however modalities might differ because of previous surgeries if any. This treatment plan is finalised during consultation.

Lasers are used as latest option worldwide due to its fragmenting property which is free of blood loss and with no down time .Types of laser differ in different stone removal techniques.

Scientific and non-invasive procedure to disintegrate Kidney, Ureteric and Bladder Stones without surgery by ESWL machine done worldwide.

Flexible uretroscopy ,RIRS .cystoscopy PCNL MINIPCNL are all techniques where no cut is given.

No cutting, no damage to kidney or other vital organs, international popular procedure....

Most cases in Urolife are treated by ESWL and gives result of stone free status after one or two sessions which are confirmed by ultrasound.

  • PCNL When the approach is made through skin over the kidney a rigid tube called a nephroscope is used and through it laser (holmium laser )is passed in direct contact to stone and fragments are taken out .The size is approximately 10 mm diameter and in most cases no stitch is needed.
  • MINIPCNL or MPCNL is the same above technique using a miniaturized nephroscope and is much better in terms of safety .Sizes upto 25 mm stone can be taken out and requires a much narrow passage.

In plain terms uretroscopy is the procedure where a ureteroscope (instrument with a light source and laser ) is used and URS is the treatment using this to remove ureteric stones .Similarly RIRS (Retrograde intrarenal surgery )is a similar process wherein a flexible ureteroscope is used and this is especially done to fragment and remove renal stones.

The treatment time for ESWL or lithotripsy is one hour per sitting after which the patient can resume normal activity ,the total number of sittings will be decided by doctor in consultation .URS ,RIRS take one hour duration in process and patient is admitted for one night , whereas PCNL and MiniPCNL takes 1 and half hour approximately .However these timings can vary in complex cases.

Patients are screened for kidney function and once that is normal along with anaesthetic clearance these procedures can be performed.

The stone is taken out using a vacuum there and then and few left over particles get drained out through normal urinary passage .J stent facilitates this process.

Urologists, imaging specialist along with nephrologists and anaesthetists work as team in each case. In complicated cases other specialists opinion is also sought.

No, because stones are converted to small 2 to 3 mm particles and they easily flow through normal passage whereas most of it is sucked out during the process.

Yes, the chances are strong as the process of stone formation in body is not addressed ,however in Urolife ,proper stone analysis will be followed by diet charting and medications to stop recurrences.

In Urolife the results after each techniques are confirmed by ultrasound and x rays ,in certain cases CT scans too are needed.

Different centres follow specific protocols depending on technology available in hand , and in Urolife ESWL and ureteroscopy are first line treatments as far as possible they are non surgical.

Cost of ESWL ranges depending on location and size from 15 thousand to 35 thousand excluding the stenting cost.

These stones obstruct the flow of urine and lead to stagnation causing infection in kidneys and tract and eventually loss of renal function which becomes serious.

Several food and water compounds do not get metabolised and precipitate as insoluble particles which gets build up in course of time leading to stones. Cetain metabolic disturbances in body too are responsible and all these are part of prevention protocol in Urolife centre.

  • Modern medicine does not address this possibility, however there are newer medicines which prevents or causes expulsion of micro fragments from the body.
  • Patients have different types of stones in composition; most common calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate (80%) do not get dissolved by any medication or with water.

Yes high oxalate and calcium rich foods are responsible for stone formation, whereas few synthetic compounds in preservatives too have a role.

  • Fever above 102. Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Burning in urination or blood in urine. cloudy urine, or bad smelling urine
  • Persistent nausea and vomiting
  • Intolerable pain
  • Certain medical conditions can make passing a stone potentially more dangerous, including those with only one kidney, those with diabetes, or those with decreased kidney function.

It appears that stones can form in as short a period of time as three months or can take long depending on water intake and climatic factors and dietary habits.

Stones in kidney or ureter can pass out naturally by drinking lots of water however the size should not be more than 4 mm .Larger stones upto 6 mm too are known to pass out naturally but can cause lot of pain and bleeding or internal abrasion and trying this out is full of such risks.

It is a hollow light weight tube lesser than the diameter of ureter which is placed from kidney to urinary bladder to ensure proper passage of urine and particles.

It’s a simple procedure done in aseptic conditions where the tip of stent is held to be taken out the patient is able to walk away after passing urine once.

In safe hands this should not happen until a stone fragment is left which causes pain.

Overnight fasting and few blood tests is all that is needed and patient can resume food and water intake the same day.

  • Urolife Stone centre works with the primary approach as non surgical in majority of cases (Non invasive) and or in cases of larger stones more than 25 mm or lower ureteric stones as minimal invasive approach to pain free stone removal.
  • Prevention protocol is part of Urolife treatment which includes diet charting along with few medications to prevent reformation.
  • The team hence includes nephrologist, urologist, imaging specialist, endocrinologist and dietician. Early detection for any stone is a priority and follow up scans and x rays are done regularly and patients are advised to follow up with the centre and stay connected in future for any advice.
  • Patients are free to drop in any query and visit the centre even after treatment for periodic evaluation.

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Step by Step Approach to Plan Your Treatment

  • Collect latest X rays KUB region / Ultrasound KUB
  • Get blood test for KFT (kidney function test). Urine for microscopy ...........know more
  • If stone not detected on x ray or ultrasound and pain persists get a CT scan KUB (NCCT KUB)
  • Call Urolife Stone centre timings 9 am to 9 pm and fix a teleconsultation and send reports on whattsapp no 9990346046
  • Visit Urolife Centre and get consultation and assessment to know your treatment options with cost.
  • Get to know the prevention protocol of Urolife Centre to avoid recurrence of stones.
  • Make a speedy and healthy recovery and be back on your routine in life.

Advantages of Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

  • No Cutting, hence no long incisions and ugly scars
  • No Damage to Kidney or other Vital Organs
  • Internationally popular Procedure
  • No Hospital Admission
  • No Need for blood transfusion
  • Patients, unfit for surgery due to medical reasons, can be safely treated
  • Unparalleled Safety - Oldest treated was aged 90 years.

Why Urolife Stone and Urology Medical Centre?

  • Focus and experience on laser and shockwaves technology for stone removal
  • Economical packages with short stay procedures
  • Majority of cases treated without open surgery
  • Prevention counselling to avoid recurrences of stone
  • All Major Credit Cards and Insurance cards are accepted
  • CASHLESS facility available at select hospitals

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