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TURP Surgery in Delhi

Prostate Laser Treatment in Delhi

Affordable packages for Prostrate laser treatment in Urolife Medical Centre. Now days laser procedures are the treatment of choice and the latest modality.

TURP Surgery in Delhi

  • No open surgery
  • Minimal or no blood loss
  • Hence minimal chances of infection
  • Fast recovery

When is treatment or surgery required?

Few prostate patients will do well with medicines for a considerable period of time, while few will present with partial or full obstruction and recurrent episodes of infections.

At this stage to improve the quality, lasers are used for best results. End result is good control and better stream of urine.

Latest Prostate (BHP) laser treatment in Delhi, India
In this, instead of using current, laser energy is used to cut the gland. It has several advantages over TURP technique.
  • Less bleeding
  • Early recovery
  • Faster discharge
  • Less pain

Prostate laser treatment best cost in Delhi

To make the treatment easy to understand and affordable, we offer comprehensive packages with benefits.

Prostate laser treatment in Delhi

We at Urolife Medical centre are in practice for treatment and management using latest lasers for Prostrate treatment.

Our team of super specialists Urologist in Delhi with experience in managing prostate problems with laser at the correct price and cost. Our Team of urologists are qualified from the best institutions in India and abroad.

Treatments offered
  • TURP

Check the affordable packages with all inclusive benefits.

Urinary symptoms set in late in life where population experiences dribbling of urine, erratic flow of urine in form of poor stream, recurrent urinary infection symptoms mainly.

The cause lies in enlargement of prostate gland and is in majority a hyperplasia of tissue which is benign and in rare cases is a part of cancerous process and called as malignant.

A blood test can clear the diagnosis and the next step is to plan for enucleation (removal of prostrate in part) to relieve the symptoms of passage of urine.

Latest technology provides TURP by Holmium enucleation, advantage lies in faster healing minimal or no blood loss and minimal chances of infection.

Procedure takes around 90 min and patient can be discharged in next two days with a better quality of life in terms of cure of urinary symptoms.

TURP is also done without holmium lasers and the method involves increased stay and more blood loss as compared to the latest Holmium lasers.

Urolife stone and Urology Hospital provides latest treatments in prostate enlargement such as TURP with Holmium.

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