Flexible Ureteroscopy Treatment in Delhi

In past few decades, owing to many technological advancements in the field of medical science, major improvements have been observed and used in the area of minimally invasive procedures in urology.

One of such advancements includes the introduction of the flexible Ureteroscopy in order to treat a kidney stone. This procedure of removal of kidney stone is adopted by all the doctors around the world because it provides the simplest way to remove stones without any open surgery.

How does it work?

The procedure involves passing of a flexible and small telescope into the urethra and finally to your bladder. The stones are broken into fragments with the help of shock waves generated underwater through the skin. After the stones are broken into fragments, the urologist inserts a temporary drainage tube into the ureter. The fragmented stones drain out of the body via urine.

For a patient who has to undergo flexible Ureteroscopy, he/she has to be in the hospital for a single day only unless it’s a case of an emergency like a blockage in the ureter due to stone etc. For this process, urologist prefers to give general anesthesia to the concerned patient.

Side effects

As a matter of fact, this procedure is associated with minimum after effects as compared to the open surgery. For example, you are allowed to go home the second day, you can resume your normal life within 2 days, you can eat whatever you may like after a day etc. But, after-effects may differ from person to person. Some people may experience mild burning or little bleeding with the passage of urine. There is nothing to worry, as this can be treated by the doctors prescribed medication. Apart from this, there is no major after-effect.

Choosing the best urologist in Delhi

Now, performing flexible Ureteroscopy needs experience and thorough knowledge. Fortunately, Delhi has some popular and experienced urologists who are pioneers in this field. They are trained from prestigious colleges and have worked in focus hospitals also. They have handled many simple to complicated cases of kidney stone and have successfully removed it via flexible Ureteroscopy. Thus, in Delhi, one can get best flexible Ureteroscopy treatment, with no risks involved.

The urologists of Delhi who have expertise in flexible Ureteroscopy provide the best treatment for the problem and charge a reasonable amount for the same. People from the entire country have shown trust in them and their work, and they have never led their patients down.

If anyone of your acquaintance is having a kidney stone, then recommend them to visit Delhi for treatment. This is owing to the reason that the urologists of Delhi will provide the top class treatment without any hassle.

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