Removing kidney stones or seeking time for treatment will depend on size of stone , associated pain, fever and backpressure changes in urinary tract . If time permits a non surgical approach saves lot of time and money.

Size of stones
If you have stones that are too small you should be able to pass them out while urinating in a weeks time , it is when they are large and start obstructing the urinary flow then  you will encounter more problems and will require to seek for other treatments.

You may point out that some symptoms like urine that has a pungent smell, blood in the urine or looks a little cloudy. If these symptoms are related to stagnation caused by stones ,this stage needs a consultation  with us for planning a non surgical kidney stone management approach.

Urolife Stone & Urology
We have a well experienced team of imaging specialist , urologists , nephrologists and lithotripsy specialist ,where the patient selection and planning is done with utmost care.

Let’s see more details about this approach in detail.

Get rid of kidney stone problem with Ureteroscopy by procedures called as URS , RIRS ,Cystoscopy etc .
Ureteroscopy method can be used for stones that are in the mid or lower range area, which does need a general Anaesthesia . This technique has been considered as the best technique in the removal of kidney stone in an easy and straightforward manner and still retains ninety five percent success rate.

Clearing kidney stones are done using  a Flexible Ureteroscope which  is very slender instrument in form of a fine tube . In this, the telescope can be used that is passed via the ureter at the stage, where the stone is and from there it is either fragmented and extracted or sometimes both. It is the most commonly used systems for stones in the lower urinary tract.

Nonetheless , we would  not require all these latest tools if we are just enough cautious in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also keep away from stone problem by  taking right foods, fruits and other natural items such as high fibre diet , lemon ,to name a few.

kidney stone treatment

From this, we have learned the important and latest information about treatment available to avoid surgery and how to treat kidney stone problems in an efficient manner without any down time and all this still  possible at an affordable price.

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  1. I am suffering from kidney stone size : 2.6 cm x 1.6 cm
    It does not pains regularly, it pains only after dinner by sleeping
    Please suggest “How to remove a kidney stone with the latest soundwaves technology at an affordable price and without operation” Will it work for me. And please advise me the complete costs for the same and duration for going to work.

  2. I have 1.6 cm stone and getting fewer regularly how to remove if possible without operation

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