Ureteroscopy cost in Delhi

Most of the hospitals in Delhi provide kidney stone Treatment which incorporates ureteroscopy being the most useful technique for a non-cut approach. Ureteroscopy is done using a semi rigid scope which enters the ureter through the natural passage under spinal or general anaesthesia.

The tip of the scope contains a light source along With a camera. This arrangement transfers the ongoing procedure to the screen monitor where the urologist keeps the procedure of stone in ureter under precise control.

Under such control the stone is fragmented by laser energy and the particles are removed by a vacuum or basket from the tip of scope. This entire process is beneficial to the extent That no cut or incisions are needed and hence this falls into a non-invasive procedure category.

The cost of ureteroscopy depends on factors as size of stone, its hardness and location. These factors will predict the time of procedure and usage of laser energy in quantity. There are more options of using holmium lasers which are faster and work in seconds.

Secondly these high grade lasers also improve the Chances of full clearance. Cost of ureteroscopy can range from 35 thousand To 75 thousand and variez in Delhi from different Hospitals.

It’s also always better to justify the cost with a specialty Hospital in Delhi.

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