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Flexible ureteroscopy is one of the best forms of treatment for kidney stones in India now. This is the result of strong technological advancements over the last few decades. Its popularity has grown owing to its minimally invasive nature.

How does it work?

There are two parts of this procedure. In the first case, a telescope is inserted into the body, without any cuts or incisions. In this way, the telescope travels through the urethra, into the ureter through the bladder. This gives a view of the kidney stones. Once the stones are spotted and necessary preparations are made, an instrument is inserted into the kidney that can remove the stones. This could be a laser treatment or even a stone breaking treatment. The whole procedure here is actually performed under general anaesthesia.

Advantages of Flexible Ureteroscopy over other treatments

Now, the question arises that why should we choose this kind of a procedure? What are the benefits this offers? Let us have a look.

  • For starters, there are no incisions made in the body. This is minimally invasive and no cuts are required. The telescope and the treatment instruments are inserted through the natural channels in the body, and do not require any separate gateway.
  • The kidney stones are seen directly by the doctors through the telescope inserted into the body. This could be a fixed or a flexible telescope according to requirements.
  • The stones are broken or gotten rid of in one session only owing to the high precision instruments used.
  • Thanks to Flexible Ureteroscopy, every part of the kidney can be reached in one try through the instruments and the stones can be removed as long as they are of a suitable size.

Success rates of Flexible Ureteroscopy

Owing to the latest technological advancements in the medical world, Flexible Ureteroscopy has seen a high success rate in the recent past. In fact, this number goes up as high as 90 %. So, there is a 90% chance that your kidney stones will be gotten rid of once you engage in Flexible Ureteroscopy treatment in Delhi. Typically, the success rate of such a procedure depends on how many stones are present in the kidney, how far along the kidney the stone is stuck in, its size, the time for which it has remained in that situation and the likes.

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