Cost of Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi

The severe pain in the abdomen due to kidney stone can be bad and takes away a lot of your body strength on day to day basis. This may also result in pain during the act of urination.

Under such circumstances, it is best to opt for the proper treatment rather than having the normal medicines. With regular advancements in the field of science and technology, various methods for the removal of kidney stones have been introduced. Out of them, Shockwave Lithotripsy and Flexible Ureteroscopy are regarded as the best treatments because there is no hassle of open surgery involved with it.

No incision is made and the patient is required to stay in the hospital only maximum for a day and just few hours in case of lithotripsy . In fact, one can resume his/her normal life within a day.

The treatments mentioned above are though very effective but can be expensive for some people. As far as India is concerned, it stands as a major hub for the wide range of medical services including dental, cosmetic, urology reflected surgeries and also they are much cheaper here as compared to USA or UK. India’s growing technology in medical science has given it a recognition on world stage also.

How much does a kidney stone treatment costs?

Various cities such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai provide the best and the most affordable treatment for a kidney stone. There are various low-cost treatment packages available for kidney depending on the requirements and the medical condition of the patient.

On an average, Lithotripsy or flexible Ureteroscopy for stone removal costs about few thousands only , maximimum 50 thousand .ia. This fee is basically charged by experienced and the elite doctors. This cost is about fraction  times as compared to the cost charged for the same treatment in the USA. There is a huge difference in the cost of such complicated yet popular treatments in India and the United States of America or UK.

In today’s time, patients suffering from kidney stone from all over the world come to India for treatment. There are various small groups who are constantly working for the good of the patients. These groups provide the following help to the patients from various parts of the world-

  • They provide help in the arrangement of medical visas, accommodation, meals etc for the foreign patients.
  • There is absolute transparency during the entire process.

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