Kidney stone laser treatment cost in delhi

The laser treatment for kidney stone depends on the size and location of kidney stone and the planning of type of laser to be used will also decide the cost.

RIRS is done in cases of renal calculi upto 18 mm and as the consumables cost is high it is the most expensive laser stone removal procedure today costing from 70 thousand to 1,50,00 Rupees in most hospitals.

Majority of hospitals cover this under insurance and this requires maximum two days admission.

URS and cystoscopy cost from 40 thousand to 60 thousand rupees depending on choice of hospital in Delhi.

ESWL costs from 15 thousand to 35,000 depending on the size and location of stone, although rarely when stones are resistant to ESWL the procedure is converted to RIRS or URS accordingly.

Most hospitals in Delhi charge on package basis as above which includes all consumables, urologists fee and stay charges including medicines.

This inclusions can vary from hospital to other set ups and should be discussed well in advance…

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