The Best Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi

Kidney Stone is a very common problem among the people of India and getting the treatment done correctly is very essential to get rid of the issue once and for all. Some of the commonest symptoms of Kidney stone are:

    1. Pain when passing urine
    2. Lower abdomen pain
    3. Discoloration of Urine
    4. Smelly Urine

These days there are multiple clinics all across the country to treat kidney stones but you should assure that the doctor you are consulting is specialized for the treatment of Kidney stones. Over the years the kidney stone treatment has seen many changes due to the changes and update in technology.

Procedures For The Treatment of Kidney Stone Are:

  • Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy or PCNL: For this procedure, a small hole is made in the affected location which allows a small instrument to pass through it and make its way to the stone. Once it reaches the stone it makes use of some shock waves to breakdown the stone into smaller fragments which makes it easier to remove. These small fragments can even be passed through the urine painlessly.

      Any stone at any location can be treated by this method. The only flaw in this treatment is that there is a slight risk of bleeding during the procedure.

  • Ureterorenoscopy of UR: In this procedure, a small rigid instrument passes through the urethra towards the kidney. When it reaches the stone, it makes use of laser to break the stone and clear it. No external cut is required for the procedure.
  • Extra corporeal Shock Wave Lithotrypsy or ESWL: This is an OPD procedure. In this high intensity shock waves are focused on the kidney stones to break it which in the end can be passed through the urine. However, there is no need for anesthesia for this treatment. The stone clearing procedure might take a little longer as the stone is expected to be removed naturally through urine. You might also need some sessions after the stone clearance to analyze how much stone is removed.
  • Per Cutaneous Cystolithotrypsy or PCCLT: This is an endoscopic procedure for stones in the bladder. For this, a small hole is made in the bladder which enables the passage of the instrument to the stone that is then fragmented and removed from the body.
  • RIRS: The latest and most advanced treatment which is based on high grade dusting laser Within seconds and all the procedure is done through natural urinary passage.

Absolutely no cut is given nor needed. It works for stones in upper ureter and kidneys From small to 18 mm sizes.

Prechecks are needed for suitability So, get in touch with the best doctors in Delhi and get your kidney stone treated on the go.

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