Low Cost Kidney Stone Surgery

Diagnosed with Kidney Stones? Looking for a Low Cost Kidney Stone Surgery – read on to know more.

Kidney Stone is one of the leading health issues among people of all ages at present. Some of the commonest symptoms include blood in urine, fever, and pain in the abdomen area. One of the main reasons for kidney stone is insufficient water intake. If you leave kidney stone untreated it could damage your kidneys as well. Hence if you see any of the kidney stones or anticipate it, you definitely see a doctor.

Kinds of Kidney Stone Treatment

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)

PCNL is the least invasive surgery for removal of kidney stones. For this, an incision of about 1 cm is made on the flank and with the use of serial dilators a path is made into the kidneys. Through this path, a nephroscope is passed and the stones are broken into small fragments which are then removed. A stent is placed on the kidney which can be removed after a week.

Uretero- Renoscopy (URS)

This kind of procedure is generally for the stones which are stuck to the walls of the ureters. A thin pen-like object known as the rigid ureteroscope is used for the purpose. The ureteroscope is passed through the urinary tract and there is no need for any incision. When the ureteroscope leads to the kidney stone it is broken down into fragments with the method of a pneumatic lithoclast or a Holmium laser. The fragments can be further removed by the use of forceps. A stent is placed on the ureter after the procedure which needs to be removed after a week. 

Retrograde Intra-renal Surgery (RIRS)

For this surgery, a flexible ureteroscope is passed through the urinary tract and there is no requirement for an incision. The Holmium Laser is used to fragment the stones and then they are removed is very small basket-like objects. This process is followed for stones which have occurred in tricky locations and are otherwise not within the view. 


This kind of surgery makes use of mini-sized instruments. This is similar to the process of PCNL, however with smaller instruments. This is sometimes also referred to as the key-hole surgery and is used for small-sized stones.

If you are looking for a Low Cost Kidney Stone Surgery discuss with your doctor as to which one of these you would require.

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