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Kidney stones when present can be silent or very painful at times depending on the position of stone within the kidney system.

This means in simple terms whether the stone is obstructing the flow of urine from kidney towards ureter.

It can take few days or even months for the stone to pass out and this mainly depends on the size and location of stone.

The factors which one can manage and work on, to ensure early passage of stone depend on proper understanding and then the steps to be taken thereafter.

  • Make sure your stones are not more than 6 to 7 mm and check if they are present in kidneys or ureter. Ureteric tend to pass earlier than renal stones as they are in flow passage of urine.
  • Take plenty of water preferably with lime at least twice a day to ensure frequent urination.
  • Take pain killers as advised by your urologist such as Diclofenac and add alpha blockers if your urologist decides. These alpha blockers keep the urinary tract dilated throughout and help in easing the pain and passage of the stones.
  • Keep animal protein and uric acid low in your diet along with low sodium as these are the basic constituents of stone formation.
  • Take more of citric acid found in lime water as it binds to calcium and helps to pass stones.

Few percentage of stone patients fail to pass these stones and continue to suffer in pain ,which can be relieved by a proactive approach by taking treatment . This treatment is safe and is given from outside the body called as ESWL or Lithotripsy. Visit; Urolife Medical Centre for further details and cost, Call or send your reports on whattsapp 9990346046.

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