5 Common Concerns regarding Kidney Stones and Treatment

1.All kidney stones can be tried to be flushed by fluid intake.
>>Not all sizes of stones can be passed through ureter as the ureter can be stretched only a little (size of urteric passage is 3 to 4 mm only). Only few upto sizes 5 or 6 mm might pass.

2.Why my stones are not passing even though I am taking lots of water and sizes of stone are less then 5 mm.
>>For stones to pass they must be in the flow tract to be pushed, Stones which are non obstructive do not move from their place.

3.Laser kidney stone removal is always a without surgery process.
>>Lasers are passed upto stone surface for it to be fragmented and this is done through natural urinary passage (no cut needed) or a hole is made over the stone through kidney (a minimal surgical process ) called pcnl process.

4.Will the stone recur after laser treatment?
>>The chances are high for recurrence after any procedure as proper treatment has to be targeted to the root cause of stone formation.

5. Its normal to have residual fragments after any stone removal procedure?
>>No its not normal, however in few cases a stent is left behind to allow passage of fragments within few days. Finally all fragments should be out of urinary system for a successful outcome.


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