1. When in a painful situation the mind mainly focuses on pain relief which is temporary, whereas patient should focus on removal of root cause of the pain.
  2. Get your basics clear that, pain relief and stone removal are two different aspects, so should be approached separately.
  3. Gather information on shockwave option yourself, for your own understanding and get equipped, to put forth right questions in your medical consultation session.
  4. Talk to a stone centre, which explains to you, why you DON’T qualify for this NON surgical option. Chances are that, you might be amazed by the suitability of the technology in your case.
  5. Is the chosen centre ready to give you references of its treated patients with approximately the same stone size as yours?
  6. Last and the most important step: does the centre have a lithotripsy machine and what views does your consultant holds of this technology option?

You will get your answers on your own and you will thank yourself for a systematic approach.

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