kidney Stone Removal without Surgery

Open surgery takes time in recovery and is also associated with its inherent complications such as muscle weakness, infections and increased cost due to longer stay in hospital.

The muscles tend to heal within own time frame and kidneys once cut heal after long and this healing also gives rise to scar tissue which is devoid of functional cells, in this case renal or nephrons.

Loss of nephrons or renal cells can lead to loss of function and depending on the cut, the loss gets permanent.

Lasers in today’s medical world has given a choice to Faster recovery, mostly same day or next day.

No cut whereby no stitches are needed.

No risk of wound infections, no need of blood transfusion.

Unfit patients for open surgery can be treated with lasers.

No risk of hospital acquired infections as stay in hospital is minimal, mostly these are daycare procedures. For Details, click here; kidney Stone Removal without Surgery,

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