Laser assisted kidney stone treatment is a latest innovation which fragments the stone into dust or very fine particles and they can be taken out through the same tract without any cut in the body. This is one of the safest procedure for the patient with fast recovery.

The whole procedure is painless and the patient recovers quickly as compared to conventional and other traditional forms of surgery.

Before that, one should know the possible causes of stone formation which if followed can reduce the chances of treatment:

    1. Not drinking enough water.
    2. Calcification.
    3. Reduced urine formation and output.
    4. Genetic factors.
    5. Unwanted medications.

If there are stones how can one identify their presence? By following symptoms:

    1. Intense pain.
    2. Nausea and vomiting.
    3. Burning sensation during urination.
    4. Infection.
    5. Fever and chills.

As stated it can be treated by laser, the treatment is also called as lithotripsy or more commonly laser assisted lithotripsy.

Laser Kidney Stone Treatment Procedure

The procedure involves the use of a long ureteroscope and a thin telescope that is introduced into the urinary tract of the patient via the gallbladder. The telescope provides easy visualization of the stone and the organ too. A wire that is just 0.2 mm in diameter is also introduced inside the body that passes the laser beam that reaches the stone inside the kidney/kidney tubes or the bladder. Care is take that the laser beam comes in proper contact with the stone so that no surrounding tissue is damaged.

The patient is given local or general anaesthesia during the treatment. It takes 10 minutes to 1 hour for the procedure to complete depending on the number and size of stone/stones the patient is having. The patient is kept under consideration for a night or a day and discharged the next day.

Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi Recovery

The recovery time is small and the patient can walk after the treatment. Many of them resume their jobs fully, no special diets are required, and the only thing the doctor’s advice is to drink plenty of water so that the stone fragments can pass easily. One can take few days to pass the stones. You may have blood in urine for few days which is harmless for the patient and may also experience abdominal pain too. Doctors prescribe pain killers and antibiotics for the same but these things normally subside after all the stone pieces have passed.

But if you experience strong urge to urinate and feel pain even after taking medications talk to your doctor. If there are stone pieces still left they can be treated again with shock waves.

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