When we describe a kidney stone, it is referred to as a hard chunk of matter that gets constructed inside a kidney. Kidney stones come in different sizes. A minor kidney stone may just go by itself, by causing either minor or even a painless motion. A bigger stone may get fixed between the urinary channels.

The Kidney stone causes & symptoms are important to be aware  if you’re seeking treatment for kidney stones. Below are some pointers listed, that would guide you through this process:

Symptoms of Kidney Stones
Causes of Kidney Stone
1: Kidney stones occur due to increase concentration of phosphorus, oxalate  and calcium within the urine. It is also been proven that a couple of food items lead to having kidney stones within some people. Below are some points mentioned, that will tell you, what are the key factors, that may lead you to having a kidney stone to make you cautious.

  • Due to a state, that has an impact on the levels of matter inside your urine that can lead stones to be formed
  • It could be genetic
  • Repeating, of urinary channel infections
  • A clot of your urinary channels
  • Digestive problems and high intake of stone forming elements

Mostly the stones consist  of calcium. Even though, in most of the scenarios, the quantity of other chemicals and calcium within the urine and blood therefore is said to be standard. It is said that, people are moreover likely to result in a stone, keeping in mind, your urine is optimin in output . There is a huge probability, in acquiring  kidney stone, if there is less intake of fluids in your body.

How to Know If You Have Kidney Stone?
One may have a kidney stone in order –

  • If you have any kind of pain, while passing  out  urine
  • You must check, if there is any blood in your urine
  • In case you feel uncomfortable, with an intense pain in your back or lower abdomen

The pain may end up being there for a short or long duration  which may result in a sense of nausea and vomiting along with the pain.

In situations , if you have small stones 3 to 5 mm , and if it goes by itself, you may not even feel a sense of pain while passing them out.

At times kidney stone is found in a kidney just as a chance finding  and it leads to no pain  or symptoms. It may not even come into your consideration, that a stone has been formed. On the other hand, due to the symptoms, one may know-

  • A feeling of discomfort from a kidney:- A stone that is fixed in a kidney may lead to excessive amounts of discomfort in the corner of the abdomen.
  • Renal colic:- This is a feeling of discomfort, which usually crops-out  and disappears  but may at times, end up sticking  by continuously .
  • Infection:- This we’re sure, you all may be aware about, the urine infections is most familiar in people with kidney stones. Infections can lead to high level of fever and an excessive amount of pain while passing your urine.

There are various hospitals and clinics providing kidney stone treatment in Delhi. Have proper knowledge about the subject to make a well-informed decision keeping in view the medical advancements.

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