Kidney Stone Formation

Kidney stone formation results from the crystals formed from the accumulation of highly concentrated urine. Generally, these stones pass through the urinary tract without creating any problems. Although, if these kidney stones are large in size, they can cause obstruction in kidney drainage system. This may result in severe pain, infection, bleeding and in worse cases can cause kidney failure. The common places where stones can cause obstruction in urinary tract can be:

  • At the junction of kidney and upper ureter.
  • In between ureter
  • At the junction of the lower ureter and gall bladder.

The factors that can cause the formation of kidney stone are consistently concentrated urine, acidic urine or due to lack of urinary substances like citrate.

Types Of Kidney Stones

  • Calcium stones

This is the most common type of kidney stone that people usually suffer from. This is usually the result of in taking of too much calcium necessarily in the form of pills or tablets. People suffering from recurrent kidney stone problems are due to the formation of calcium oxalate.

Intake of calcium and vitamins in the form of tablets are known to aggravate the kidney stones.

Excess of anything is harmful. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium from our body for making our bones strong. But excessive absorption of vitamin D leads to the formation of calcium stones which are harmful to the body.

If you are ever diagnosed with the presence of stones in your kidney, you should immediately limit the consumption of meat, dairy products, and poultry. You should prefer low calcium diet.

  • Uric acid stones

These are another type of kidney stones. Uric acid stones are formed when a much higher concentration of uric acid is formed during urination or when the uric acid is such formed that not soluble in water.

There is a high risk of uric acid stones in people who have suffered from cancer. More concentrated urine is found in cancer patients than normal people due to the chemotherapy sessions they go through.

Being dehydrated is another cause of uric stones. In hot and arid areas, drinking less water than required results in less volume of urine which enhance the risk of urine stones.

These are the common causes of kidney stone formation among humans. Proper treatment and taking steps immediately after diagnosis can be helpful in eradicating them.

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