Kidney Stone Treatment Delhi

Can your kidney stone pass out or is it too large?

This remains a nagging worry along with the pain and discomfort due to the presence of stone. Size of stone if up to 6 to 7 mm can be passed out without any surgery or active treatment. And the most important factor to make this happen are few.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Be physically active

Stones which tend to pass out need to be in the flow and preferably be an obstructive stone which present with pain. The backpressure of urine formation will tend to push the stone out, however few stones which are not yet in the flow of urine in urinary or renal channels remain lodged and do not pass eventually.

In such cases active treatment is to be sought and if the stone is smaller upto 15 mm Lithotripsy (stone treatment by focused sound waves) or URS (Laser fragmentation ) will be needed, both being non surgical procedures.

Few medications as alpha blockers and others for increased production of urine formation are beneficial at this stage.

Here is a tip that a smaller stone upto 7 mm if causing pain is in the phase being expelled out and back pressure from a increased urinary output might do the needful. For Details, visit;

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