treatment for your Kidney Stones

All treatments for kidney or urinary tract are with their own benefits and your urologist is the right person to decide it for you, however your participation is needed as to know few facts.

  1. Time in hand with you for getting the treatment. Suppose you are not in a hurry and there is no significant blockage you can opt for Lithotripsy and also save on expenditure.
  2. If you want faster results URS or RIRS would be the right choice as you can join work or normal ac tivities in maximum two days time.
  3. In case your kidneys are compromised with poor function, then you should opt for a faster treatment like URS or RIRS. Bigger stones need PCNL and if facilities are available Mini PCNL is equally good.
  4. In chronic or acute renal faliure, RIRS is the treatment of choice.
  5. In structural abnormalities in kidneys or urinary tract, ESWL or RIRS is a better choice depending on the size of stone.

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