1. Stone analysis which will precisely pin point the composition of your stone, Grossly making changes in diet might not be useful and you may present with repeat stone formation.
  2. This is better done along with a dietitian advice however you can consult Urolife stone centre staff and make the changes.
  3. Most common stones are calcium and oxalate hence the staff will guide your diet changes depending on your stone analysis report.
  4. Taking upto 3 liters of fluid and that too in form of plain water is one of most important habit to be followed.
  5. You will be expected to make changes with foods such as
    • Containing high sodium, calcium, canned food,
    • High protein diet
    • Citrate intake
    • Commercially processed foods
    • Reduce oxalate content foods such as peanuts, beets, spinach, potatoes
    • Red meat and shellfish
    • Sweetener rich foods
    • Low fat and dairy products
    • High vegetable diet
    • Alcohol intake
    • Fruit juices
    • Animal protein chicken fish, pork and eggs
    • Certain vitamin supplements, vitamin, C B12 and fish liver oils

Please note
The above changes will be specifically made to prevent your stone type.

Get in touch with Urolife Stone Centre for more information.

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