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In order to treat bigger kidney stones generally around two centimetres in diameter, the most preferred method is Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy.  This method is performed by keyhole surgery. This means that a hole/incision of about a centimetre is made in the human skin over the kidney.

The Benefits of PCNL or Key Hole Surgery

In earlier times, large kidney stones were removed by making larger skin incisions. But now this method of Key Hole surgery has taken away the whole process of a larger incision. Now a very small incision is done of around 1 cm to treat larger kidney stones.

A patient needs to be in the hospital for 4-5 days. Also, in this method of surgery, the healing time is much shorter than normal surgery.

This method is a lot safer than other methods of large kidney stone treatment. With the advancement of medical procedures, people feel a lot relaxed while they are being operated.

If the surgery is done by a urologist, then the risk factor in doing the treatment is below 2%. Therefore, it is the most efficient way to treat large kidney stones in Delhi.

Diagnosis before Treatment

Before the surgery is performed, tests are conducted to check the condition of the affected part. Tests such as X-Ray, kidney ultrasound and CT scan are performed. If you have your previous test reports, do not forget to show it to the doctor. Tell the doctor about the medications you have been recently taking. Don’t hesitate to say anything related to your body. Anything can be crucial.

Operation Procedure

The time taken to conduct a successful operation is about 2-3 hours. Anaesthesia is administered to the patient before the operation is started. During the whole operation, the patient needs to lie down on his/her tummy. Doctors take the help of X-Ray imaging to insert the one-centimeter tube into the kidney of the patient. Through this tube, the doctors pass telescopes to see the exact location of the stones. After the stones are located they remove the stones through that one-centimeter tube.

After Surgery

When everything is finished, an imaging will be performed immediately to check the success of the operation. Having blood in your urine after the surgery is normal. The doctor will prescribe you the medicines and release after a period of 3-4 days. If you face any discomfort after being discharged consult your doctor immediately.

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