ESWL for Kidney Stone Treatment

Hi, My name is Anant Das and I was diagnosed with two stones in my left kidney and one in left ureter.

The sizes of stone were 11 x 12 mm being the largest and since I was in pain from the first day I was taking pain killers continuously.

After my consultation with the physician I was referred to a Urologist specializing in kidney stone treatment, where I got to know of laser treatments.

Unable to choose the best suited procedure I relied on online material but I got more confused as there were advantages and disadvantages of all procedures.

Finally I took a step and met the expert in a stone Centre in Delhi where I was made to see a patient being treated by ESWL procedure.

There was no discomfort to the patient and the sound of the Lithotripsy was though worrying.

When explained that this shockwave technology is based on sound propagation.I could relate to the need of sound source.

These waves pass through the skin and are focused on to the stone under fluoroscopy (X ray ) guidance.

The continous passage of these waves loosen the hard stone and slowly ( after one or two sittings ) the stones start to pass as muddy urine.

The feeling to me was of tapping sound or at times of mild to sharp tipping on the skin of a rubber band.

At that point of time I was encouraged to respond and the operator used to lower the intensity.

Within ten minutes I was comfortable and listened to music on a headphone and after 40 minutes of session I felt the need to pass urine.

The urine was muddy and the Doctor made me understand that these were fine particles of my fragmented stone.The same was shown on the screen monitor and I could see the stone spreading out.

After three sessions of similar procedure, my X ray showed complete clearance, which was again confirmed by ultrasound and CT scan.

The procedure turned out to be a non surgical, non invasive treatment where I could be active in my routine activities.

The suitability of ESWL for kidney stone treatment has to be confirmed by the treating Urologist.

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