Foods to Avoid If You Want To Be Stone Free For Life

Getting the best treatment for kidney stone removal will make you stone free for a short while if you don’t take preventive steps to avoid recurrences.

All stone patients have an above 80% tendency to reform kidney stones which is a research fact.

Getting to know that you belong to this category is both good and bad .

You have identified the Causes of Kidney Stone Formation and the good part is that it does not take a big effort to be stone-free by making a few dietary changes.

Another best aspect which comes as a package to you is that the food you need to avoid for kidney stones makes your diet healthy and prevents you from many diseases like thyroid imbalance, gout, heart disease to name a few.

Most of the compositions of the stone primarily have uric acid and oxalates.

All these products such as chocolates, nuts, coffee, peanuts, legumes wheat bran, and red meat are rich in oxalates and uric acid.

Low intake of water makes your body dehydrated and more prone to calcium oxalate stones as they become concentrated in absence of enough water. Your water intake is essential and should be monitored and kept up to 3 to 4 litres per day, which will help you maintain weight and keep you more flexible.

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