Kidney Stone Treatment

Most patients inquire for a 4 to 6 mm stone in kidneys or ureters.

This small size can be removed by vibration or eswl technology from outside.

No anaesthesia or cut is needed.

Another way is by Ureteroscopy, where a scope is inserted and stone is fragmented to powder.

Here a stent, a hollow flexible tube is needed for few days and this is a non cut procedure again.

Kidney small stones and ureteric small stones behave differently and lead to Different symptoms.

The small stones in kidney can be silent and often detected on routine ultrasound, whereas a small stone in ureter will always start with pain and infection.

The selection of procedure is done keeping the location and number of small stones present in the system.

As far as role of medicines are concerned, they can help as an expulsive therapy and the chances are about again 50 percent and you cannot predict the time in which the stones will be expelled.

However taking active treatment frees the urinary system of small stones and that too without any surgery or cut.

These techniques are called vibration therapy or ESWL which has above 70 percent success rateĀ And ureteroscopy which has 90 percent success rate.

The selection of procedure depends on case to case basis and is done on a Personal meeting keeping your preference and ease in mind.

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