Kidney Stone Removal Without Surgery

After the diagnosis of stone in kidney or in urinary tract, you will be advised to take few tablets of charcoal and dulcolax to clear your bowels.

These tablets are to be taken a day before procedure after a light dinner.

The purpose is to get a clear view of stone during procedure as gases from abdomen will be cleared and will not obstruct the stone outline.

At the time of admission and the next day before the procedure anesthetists will check your vitals and reports to rule out any urine infection and ECG, intake of any drugs etc.

You will be advised to stop any blood thinners like aspirin and will be allowed your daily medicines like for blood pressure or sugar.

In most cases you will be given spinal anaesthesia to numb your sensations from waist and downwards.

All during the procedure you will be awake and be able to talk to doctors and nurses.

The ureteroscope along with fibreoptic fibres will be reached up to stone for the procedure and the entire procedure is done under camera guidance and the stone is confirmed to be fragmented and all fragments removed by checking through camera vision.

After being shifted to room, after 40 min to an hour generally, you will be advised to rest till the anaesthesia fades away.

Having brown or red colored urine for few hours through the urinary tube is a normal process and is not a cause for worry.

You will be advised antibiotics for few days and will be allowed to resume work (except heavy work).

In experienced hands of urologists this procedure is a painless and not associated with much discomfort and complications.

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