Though there are many kinds and types of diseases which humankind is suffering from, stone in kidney, stomach or urethra has become the most common one among all of them. Stone can occur in various parts of the body, but it is very painful if it occurs in kidney and then passes to the urethra.

Kidney stones develop where there is a decrease in urine or excess of stone-forming substances in urine. It can be quite painful if it passes to the urethra from the kidney. If the stones are smaller in size or are lesser in number, they can be treated by conventional methods like drinking excess of water (so that it passes through urine),  keeping a check on the diet, and medicines.

On the other hand, if the stones are of a considerable size and are many in number then you have to opt for other treatment methods. Among various methods available, laser treatment is the best treatment to go with.

How to remove the kidney stone using Laser technique?

1) Removal of stones via laser method is hassle free.

2) The medical term used for this is a Flexible Ureteroscopic laser.  It is a minimally invasive procedure which is used to reach any part of the kidney through the urinary passage and to diagnose and treat small kidney tumors or stones.

3) This procedure is generally done under spinal or general anesthesia and the patient is needed to stay in hospital just for a day. In fact, after 3 days, you can resume your normal daily life.

4) Under this method, an instrument is used to break kidney stones into smaller parts. Then the doctor inserts an optical fiber via laser method into patient’s urethra. The activated laser causes the stone to break without harming the tissues of the urethra.

5) After this, the remaining pieces are passed through the ureter and expelled out through urine. A catheter may also be used by the physician in order to take out the smaller stone pieces.

6) This method does not need any open surgery and the risks involved in that are also omitted. Laser operations for stone cost an affordable amount to the patient.

7) The success rate of laser treatment is as high as 80%. It can treat stones of size up to 3cm, which is difficult to treat by conventional methods.

So, if you are suffering from hard stone in kidney or a have a bleeding diathesis, then laser treatment is best to go with, for its treatment.

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