Kidney stone treatment without surgery

Most of us are apprehensive of surgical procedures which is very natural in the past treatment for kidney stone was done with open surgery or endoscopic surgery.

With the advent of Lasers these hard stones are fragmented to dust very fast ( in few minutes) and the remains are very fine particles which are collected and removed in the same sitting.

The best part is that the complete procedure of removing the stone after fragmentation is done through the natural urinary passage and the techniques are called as RIRS when the stone is in kidney region.

URS or ureteroscopy, when the stone is in ureter ( urinary tube )

Cystoscopy, when the stone is in urinary bladder.

ESWL when the stone is any part of urinary tract, but multiple sessions are required.

Its now days very rare to have open surgery and hence you must take a second opinion if you are advised open surgery the only option.

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