A kidney stone is a common problem among people nowadays. The pain that associates kidney stone becomes intolerable at times. The main problem with a kidney stone is not the pain but it can lead to other infections in the urinary tract and bladder.

These stones may occur to any person within the age group of 20 to 40. If it is determined that you have kidney stone then treatment is a necessity. If you are in Delhi, there are various Urologists who will be happy to help you out. There are various methods of kidney stone treatment in Delhi, some treat with medicine, some with surgery and some without surgery.

The nonsurgical treatment can also be done in Delhi. Ureteroscopy is one such method where surgery is not required.


In this method, a long telescope is introduced into the urinary tract and with the help of this instrument, the stone is broken into pieces. The breaking up of the stone is done by laser ray and the broken stones are collected and taken out. There are various advantages of this non-surgical method. The advantages are:

    • Stone treatment without surgery
    • Success rate is about 95%
    • No hospitalization required

There are other methods also that treat kidney stone in a nonsurgical method. They use special medication to help you out of this problem.


This is another method of treatment of kidney stone without the help of surgery. In this method, shock waves are given to the area where the stones are and they are broken into pieces. They are made so small that they can come out with normal urine. It does not require any incision and does not give rise to any pain. Moreover, hospitalization is also not required.

Treatment of kidney stone by using of drugs is in a research stage. Though there are drugs to prevent the formation of stone, no specific drug is there to treat a stone.

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