Kidney stones if are small , chances are good that they are expelled out during excretion through urinary tract. Kidney stones are collection of four types of chemical substances namely calcium, uric acid, struvite and cysteine. These are found in urine and pose no problems at the low levels.

As the name suggests, kidney stones are stones which can range in variety of sizes from size of a grain to the size of a golf ball. Larger kidney stones are the ones which cause problems and obstruction . They get lodged in the urinary tract and could be removed through ESWL ,laserĀ  or surgery.


Causes of Kidney Stones
Kidney stones can be the result of various reasons, the most common of them being not drinking adequate amount of water. Consuming soda and carbonated drinks will only make the situation worse. Stones can also be a result of genetic trait or due to some medical conditions like urinary tract infections, bowel problems, etc.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones
When small, kidney stones symptoms are usually not clear. But as they begin to grow in size, back pains, genital pains are common symptoms. Fever, nausea, blood in urine, stomach ache, vomiting are some other common symptoms that are experienced.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have a thorough examination of your body by a doctor. A doctor will perform certain tests of blood, urine and imaging to diagnose the possibility.

Natural Kidney Stone Treatments
In case the situation is not serious, doctor will advise home remedy and natural kidney stone treatment. The natural treatment may or may not be effective to the cure, but giving it a chance will not harm.

Here are some of the natural kidney stones treatments; you can try for minor cases.

  • Drink about 1litre water everyone which amounts to about 7 to 8 glasses of water.
  • Prefer lemon juice beverages over soda and carbonated drinks. Drinking lemonade or just drinking lemon water enables the kidney stone to dissolve due to the acidic nature of lemon.
  • Keep a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in a bottle. Remember to drink the mixture it before every meals for 2 weeks.
  • Watermelon cleansing is known to be an effective treatment. Remove the seeds of watermelon and drop them in a cup of water and let them boil. Let the watermelon seeds absorb water and drink the resulting tea thereafter. Use new seeds every time for a cup of tea.

So these were some of the home remedies one can try for the kidney stones treatment.

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