3 to 5 mm Kidney Stones Treatment

These sizes have a 50 percent chance of passing on its own by taking adequate fluid intake. Here we are going to discuss the ways when they are still there and the situation demands urgent removal for reasons such as medical fitness in navy, airlines etc.

Some intervention then becomes a need, which commonly is tackled.by medical expulsive therapy where the patient is administered iv fluids and this fast infusion probably clears the particles by flow pressure.

The problem can still persist if the small stones do not respond and then the other option available is ESWL or called as lithotripsy.

This is a sound waves technique which fragments the particles to dust form and get expelled by drinking lots of water.

Most cases are cured by above two procedures and as both are non invasive its a good option to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Few cases yet are cleared by RIRS which is an intrarenal procedure and uses high grade laser to dust and remove them.

There is no cut involved and all the work is done within the normal urinary passage. Post procedure few preventive steps help and ensure there is no recurrences.

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