1. The need to attend multiple sessions is challenging.  Fact: Stones upto 9 mm generally need a single session and upto 15 mm need two to three sittings.
  2. Passing fragmented particles thorough urine is painful.  Fact: The size of particles converted is so minute that one cannot feel them passing.
  3. Bleeding is a major side effect after lithotripsy.  Fact: At times these particles scratch, while passing and this leads to transient minute bleeding episode.
  4. This treatment is time-consuming, cumbersome, ineffective in kidney stones of all sizes, specially Uretric stones.  Fact: Each session is of 60 mins. approx. and as per research more than 90% of all kidney and uretric stones respond to lithotripsy effectively.
  5. The fragmented particles remain back in kidney and leads to reformation of stone.  Fact: Chances of fragments being left over after treatment is minimal in lithotripsy as compared to other modalities i.e. PCNL, RIRS etc. Further, fragments left over during surgical and invasive treatments can only be removed by lithotripsy.

Self paying patients can save thousands and thereby Centres propagating ONLY surgical approach for one and all kinds of stones lose thousands, if they practice this non-surgical technology routinely. Hope this make things clear?

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