Kidney stones are caused in the area which lies in between the urinary tract and kidney. These stones formed in the kidney differ in size and are caused by the clumping up of chemicals like oxalate compounds, phosphorous and calcium. Kidney stones cause severe pain in the lower abdomen area when unattended to. Stones that are small in size get out of the physical system through urine and get expelled by drinking plenty of water. Kidney stones those are bigger in diameter need to be treated surgically with the help of surgical procedures like which is also referred to as Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and Ureteroscopy. However, the many non-surgical stone removal treatments in Delhi act as a boon to people suffering from kidney stones. Let us have a look at the same in a brief manner.Non-Surgical Stone Removal Treatments in Delhi

While there are many options available for the treatment through surgeries there are many non-surgical stone removal treatments in Delhi. Details about the same are given below:

  • Flexible Ureteroscopic laser is an effective treatment methodology followed in Delhi to treat kidney stones or tumors
  • This is basically a minimally invasive surgery that is performed more through the streaming of laser into the affected areas
  • Flexible Ureteroscopic laser is capable of reaching any area of the kidney to diagnose medical issues in the same
  • This procedure is carried out injecting anesthesia in the spine or with the help of general anesthesia
  • The main purpose of the procedure is to break down the bigger sized kidney stones into smaller pieces to enable them to come out of the body through urine
  • Instead of waiting for the particles to get removed while urinating, the doctor may also take the help of a catheter which immediately removes as many small particles as possible immediately after the procedure
  • This is not an open surgery.
  • This treatment is apt for treating bleeding diathesis, hard stones, residual stones, stones that are highly dependent on Lower Calyx .
  • Cases that present with stones in kidney and mid uretic region including upper ureter also have an option of ESWL or lithotripsy where shockwaves pulverize the hard stone into powder or fine particles
  • ESWL does not require anaesthesia ,admission and is painless , sizes up to 28 mm are successfully removed by this technology and more than 90 percent of stones respond to this modality .

When proper precautions and treatments are not taken at the right time, they may pose a risk to normal health. Benefit by  getting rid of kidney stones in a non-surgical manner and getting back to your normal life even during treatment days is boon offered by ESWL or lithotripsy.

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