1. Make sure that your diagnosis confirms a stone or multiple stone, if needed go for a CT scan or IVP and then start your research .A normal functioning kidney tested by getting a KFT will also help the treating physician to decide your treatment modality .

2.Most around 90 percent of stones can be treated by Lithotripsy or shockwave therapy, only sizes beyond 28 mm or staghorn shape require a key hole procedure called PCNL Check your size and discuss with your doctor .

3.Make sure you visit a centre where Lithotripter is used routinely and check your chances. A Centre not using a lithotripsy technology is bound to treat you with surgery which can be avoided .

4.Lithotripsy is used worldwide and being a operator depended technology ,the results are bound to vary ,so understand the results and check the treating staff and past results .An isolated failed case doesn’t prove the technology useless.

5.Research by talking to centres and their past patients and if needed take a second opinion before opting for open surgery. It’s always better to ask your doctor why you DON’T qualify for lithotripsy or ESWL .

In case needed call UROLIFE STONE CENTRE for assistance at 011-41414170


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