1. Is the size of your stone is fit for laser or shockwave removal with out surgery as 90 percent of kidney or urinary passage stones do not need open surgery these days .
  2. you can opt for for lithotripsy for stone removal if the size is upto 25 mm .Ask about your suitability.
  3. Does your hospital has a Lithotripsy unit also called as ESWL ? Most urology centres do not have it or they practice it minimally for time constraints .
  4. Compare prices and duration of stay .. endourology procedures do not need more than one day of admission.
  5. What prevention plan is being taken up as recurrent stones can be surely avoided.
  6. Stone free status has to be confirmed after the procedure. check on that.
  7. Surgery is done minimally these days and discuss your requirements if any.

For your suitability and quote call Urolife stone centre 011–41414170

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