1. All your diagnosis and blood tests will be evaluated by Lithotripsy experts and the consultation will follow to discuss the treatment options with patient and relatives.

2.The procedure of Lithotripsy will be explained along with familiarizing with the machine room, in most cases if patient desires he is allowed to stand in treatment where a patient is treated and confirm the painless procedure of 60 min.

3.Any queries or any past history of illness along with doubts is discussed in the same consultation and if patient qualifies a date is fixed for first session of Lithotripsy.

4.The patient is started with antibiotics orally and is called with overnight fasting for first day of treatment, in next sessions 2 hours fasting is accepted.

5.On the day of first session patient changes in OT clothes and lying on the treatment table he is made to view his focused stone and understand its location and shape.

6.Treatment is started after patient is instructed to breathe in and out in an even manner and this is done slowly till patients gets used to even breathing during treatment .

7.Slow shots of focused sound waves are given to stone and gradually the dose is adjusted as per doctor’s calculation and patient tolerance. All this happens painlessly till patient gives a green signal to increase the dose.

8.After completion of 60 min the change in size of stone can be noticed in most cases and patient is asked to pass urine where particles or muddy urine is seen. These are remnants of hard stone pulverized or fragments of it .Once the patient passes then out without any discomfort, the next sitting goes faster and better.

9.In the end of treatment stone is seen to disappear from screen and this is confirmed by check ultrasound and x rays.

10.Few oral antibiotics are to be continued post and during this treatment. Stone fragments are sent for Lab analysis and diet charting is done and explained to patient.

11.Once the check ultrasound confirms no evidence of stone or fragments the patient is stone free and is emphasized to be in touch with Urolife centre for prevention steps and follow up check ultrasounds every 6 months.

In case of need call Urolife Stone Centre at 011-41414170



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