Stopping New Kidney Stone Formation.Tips and Medicines

Getting to know what all can be done to prevent new stones and thereafter following these tips will keep your kidneys stone free for life and help you avoid again undergoing stone surgeries.

After the stone is removed , most patients wrongly assume that the root cause has gone.

Unfortunately it’s wrong and the root cause still remains.

This causative factor could be specific food intake , body metabolism, dehydration and hormonal imbalance.

Lack of excercise is always under rated whereas I find it a top cause for stone formation.

Why ?

Kidney is basically a filter in the body which if kept well hydrated and flushed will function better.

  • Excercise makes the body need more water and this excessive intake of plain water works as a flushing mechanism.
  • All fine particles or precursors of stone are flushed.
  • The reverse is true as well, less water intake leads to dehydration and sediments formation within kidneys which becomes hard eventually to be called as a stone.

This protocol of steps comes after your doctor sees the reports of all the blood tests and imaging along with stone analysis report.

What is stone analysis report ?

It’s one of the primary clue which helps to solve the riddle that how and why your stone got formed .

Important, isn’t it ?

    • Thereafter your diet analysis and medical history will add the information to this diagnosis.
    • Every patient is different and so is its body functions and chemistry in the body .
    • At this stage the protocol is divi5by me in two parts 
    • Not allowing new  stone particles or its precursors to form .
    • Flushing out the present fine particles and precursors of stone .
    • A research finding suggests 85 percent of stone patients will end with new stones in few years .

Hence the likelihood of recurring stones is very common.


These are medicines which disintegrate stone precursors and dilate the tubules on kidneys to make it easy to flow the particles out of the body  through urine.


Stopping New Kidney Stone Formation.Tips and Medicines

These are relaxants that are prescribed to relax the muscles of the ureter and they reduce the spasms and help relieve pain and passage of small stones in ureter.

Potassium Citrate

This compound  potassium citrate can be  of help in  dissolving and preventing uric acid stones. 

Thiazide Diuretics

This is prescribed  to reduce the amount of calcium released in the urine. Some commonly used are  Thiazide Diuretics include hydrochlorothiazide, chlorthalidone or indapamide, all of which help in preventing kidney stones from recurring.


This medicine is  prescribed to decrease the  uric acid produced in the body as a high level of uric acid tends to form uric acid  kidney stones. Patients with gout should not eat diet  high in animal protein.

Allopurinol does not allow uric acid to form.

Recommended Dietary Changes

  • Drink more fluids 4 to 5 litres per day This helps keeping kidneys well hydrated and does allow sediments to form within the kidneys.
  • Decrease the animal protein such as  beef, chicken, fish pork.
  • Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in diet.
  • Increase calcium-rich foods.
  • If case you have calcium oxalate kidney stones, reduce your intake of foods that are high in oxalate, like beet, black pepper, black teas, chocolate, nuts, rhubarb, soy products and spinach.

These are simple and effective changes which will keep you stone free and keep your kidneys healthy.

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