Kidney Patients during Covid-19

It is a very well-known fact about Covid-19 disease that it can be deadly for people with certain underlying health problems. Apart from the general precautions that should be taken by everyone amidst coronavirus pandemic, here is what kidney patients should be more cautious about to prevent themselves from the spread of Covid-19.

What A Person Having A Kidney Disease Should Be Careful In Covid-19 Times?

Depending on the stage of the kidney diseases the person is in, the chances of catching Covid-19 differs.

If a person is on the stage of 3-5, there are greater chances of falling prey to Covid-19. In such situations, it is advisable for such people to always follow strict social distancing. Moreover, such people should stay self-isolated as much as possible as later the stage, greater are the risks.

Are People On Dialysis At A Greater Threat To Catch Covid-19?

Yes, people on dialysis are at a high risk of catching Covid-19. However, with due precautions taken religiously, the risk can be averted. Dialysis is an important treatment so it’s not possible to out rightly stop them but minimize the number of times needed. Accordingly, your doctor can advise you to come for dialysis twice a week instead of thrice or depending on your health condition.

Regardless of that, people on dialysis should take the utmost care of social distancing, be at home at all times and continue taking a healthy and nutritious diet and fluids to keep yourself safe from catching Covid-19.

How A Person On Dialysis Should Visit The Dialysis Centre And Prevent Themselves From Infecting?

A person on dialysis should visit a hospital for the dialysis on a private vehicle of a family. It is better not to travel by public transport as that would expose the person to infections. In an adverse situation, the person can also seek help from the medical unit and call for the vehicle facility after making sure it is fully sanitized.

What Should I Do If We Have A Caretaker For My Kidney Ailment Stone Treatment in Delhi At Home?

Strict safety precautions should be taken to make sure the caretaker is following the same. It is advisable to sanitize their hands when they enter your house, wear masks at all times, and check their temperature daily.

In case of any doubts, feel free to communicate with their employer or with the caretaker itself. Perform the sanitization rituals daily without faltering on any day.

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