Laser treatment is not a well understood term when we talk of kidney stone treatment. Some think no cut is given and others feel stone is crushed or evaporated in fragments.

Most also believe it travels through skin to remove the stone.

Laser actually is a form of energy in light form and for it to be effective it needs to be given in close contact to the stone.

Hence firstly one has to pass the laser “fibre” (through which laser is passed and fires) to reaches up to the stone.

If the stone is in ureter or bladder, the route is the normal urinary passage hence no cut is required.

If the stone is in kidney then either the normal urinary passage is needed or a small incision (cut) in the flank (kidney area) is used to reach the stone. Both cases use laser energy but the route is different.

The main advantage of lasers is that once the light energy pulverizes the hard stone to dust form, the remnants can be sucked out by vacuum method and same small passage is used.

In nutshell either there is no cut or a very small cut is needed.

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