Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

The pain associated with kidney stones is unbearable at times. If the patient has to undergo an open surgery along with that, the uneasiness and the pain gets doubled. Well, due to the advancement in medical science, various laser and minimally invasive treatments have been introduced. These treatments have made life of the patients very easy and convenient.

All these treatments are minimally invasive in nature therefore, require no incisions or major cut in the body.


The surgery is performed by giving spinal anaesthesia to the patient. Once he/she is unconscious, an endoscope is inserted in the ureter and the kidney through the urethra and the bladder. This is the main equipment in this entire procedure. This helps to detect and find the location of the stones present in the kidney.

Once they are detected, a laser fibre or sound wave is transmitted in order to crush down the bigger stones. The sound wave or the laser fibre is basically the Holmium energy which is used to break down the stone pieces. These Holmium are high- powered and high-frequency waves which immediately break the stones into dust.

Now, the surgeon collects these crushed pieces of stone in the basket which is attached at one end of the endoscope. If these stones are too small in size then, they are left to pass through the urine. An artificial pipe is attached to the urinary tract for a first few days so that the stone pieces easily pass via urine.

After the surgery is over, the surgeon will insert a tube which is called stent. This stent is inserted between the kidney and the urethra. This is done to accelerate the process of healing the surgery. There is one more perk of this stent. It enables the easy passage of the crushed stones. It is removed after a week.

Precautionary Methods Taken While This Process

  • The patient is admitted just a day prior to the surgery and discharged after two days post-surgery.
  • He/she is advised to drink lots of water so that the stone pieces pass easily.

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