Who can not use Lithotripsy treatment?

Lithotripsy is found to be the best treatment option, in most cases, however, in certain cases of larger and staghorn stone the treatment option turns towards surgery or ureteroscopy.

Patients with more than 28mm size of stone and in a shape of staghorn do not do well with this treatment option as the total stone load takes too long to expel.

The location of the stone hinders lithotripsy best outcome if it is found to be in lower most urinary tract especially the urinary bladder.

Few patients in a bed ridden situation do not do well after this treatment although the shockwaves convert the stone to fragments but the expulsion of these fragments is limited by decreased movement and less urinary output.

Certain cases where kidney function is compromised which will reflect a low filtration process will again limit the expulsion process of the fragments.

Pregnant females and patients with cardiac pacemaker also do not qualify for this treatment and the rest population of any age or condition can benefit from this technology.

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