TURP Surgery in Delhi

TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostrate) removes excessive growth of prostate gland that blocks the flow of urine. There is no incision given, the whole procedure is done using a thin wire/a surgical instrument that travels from the urinating system to the urethra.

There are many hospitals and care centers who offer TURP, many of them offer affordable packages also. But laser treatment has become a smarter choice for many of them as the procedure gives quick recovery, minimum blood loss, less pain, faster discharge, and there are less chances of infection too.

Many care centers offer prostate laser treatment in Delhi, they have a team of qualified and experienced doctors who manage all prostate problems with correct price and cost. Holmium lasers are used for prostate treatment and are much advanced in comparison to open surgeries that were performed earlier.

Most of the Urology hospitals in Delhi offering the surgery are backed up with innovative technologies that are truly world class in nature.

Patients undergoing the surgery are required to follow the guidelines advised by the doctor, recovery often takes 2-3 weeks and sometimes a month. The cost starts from 38,000 and may go up to 2 lakhs depending on the condition of the patient, city and the hospital chosen.

About TURP Surgery in Delhi

The whole surgery takes about 1 hour and the patient has to remain admitted for 2-3 days in the hospital. Patient is also examined physically so as to ensure that he is in a good condition for the surgery. The type of surgery your physician chooses to go with depends on the size of prostate of patient, patient’s health and equipment’s and facilities available in the hospital.

Results of Surgery

Results vary from patient to patient. In some cases, the whole gland is not removed and there might be a relapse, this may require further treatment. But this happens one in ten cases.

One can get affordable treatments and avail many health packages by consulting the admin and medical team of the care centers. Urology hospitals of Delhi also deal with many of the insurance companies that provide all the cost of the surgery.

Telecommunication is one of the easiest ways to contact such hospitals if you are residing far away.

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