RIRS treatment in Delhi

RIRS or Retrograde Intra-renal Surgery also called as the fibre optic endoscopy is surgery performed on the patient’s kidney and is also used to remove stones from the kidney, apart from treating other kidney related issues such as-

  • Too large stones which cannot be treated by lithotripsy.
  • Tumor in the kidney
  • A bleeding disorder in the kidney
  • Obese kidneys and others

Who performs this surgery?

As RIRS involves some complex methods, thus it is performed by Urologists who are specialized in this surgery. They must have a thorough knowledge and experience in this field because the cases can be really complex sometimes.

The procedure involved

  • As far as pre-surgery preparations are concerned, the patient is called to the hospital so that his/her response to anesthesia can be checked. This is usually done one-two days prior to the operation. On the day of the surgery, the patient is prohibited from eating anything for about 5-6 hours.
  • During the surgery, the Urologist inserts a flexible tube through the urethra to the part of the kidney where urine is collected. The endoscope is finally pushed to the urinary tract. After this, the bigger sized stone is broken via high frequency laser light. The endoscope is generally dilated so that it can reach to the kidney with ease. And, finally the stone pieces are removed, or they come out through the urine.
  • After the RIRS surgery is performed, the patient is shifted to the special ward, where he is kept under special vigilance. If any kind of irregularity occurs, the urologist is called upon for check-up. Also, a catheter is fitted so that the patient can urinate without pain.
  • In the normal cases, the patient is advised to rest for about 24-48 hours. After that, he/she is free to resume his/her work. As a precautionary method, the patient is also advised to drink a lot of water, to avoid any kind of infection in the later stage. In the case of any problem, the patient may visit the doctor again, after 5 days.

RIRS treatment in Delhi

Having stones in the kidney can be a painful experience, and the patients suffering from this problem are advised to undergo the best treatment, so that it may not end up in a bigger problem. As far as, receiving the best treatment is concerned, Delhi is the city where you can get the best urologists. They have extensive experience in this area and all of them are highly trained in RIRS. They have handled many complex cases as well. Also, the fees charged by them is affordable for everyone.

Thus, if you or anyone in your acquaintance is suffering from the problem of kidney stones, then can come to Delhi for treatment and enquire more about RIRS surgery cost in Delhi.

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