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Most patients opt RIRS Treatment for Kidney Stone removal and are often confused as to the technology and cost involved.

This article will aim to clarify as far as possible so that the patient can be at ease while making a decision.

Firstly not all urologists prefer or practice RIRS personally and this may be due to experience or the expensive scopes and sheaths needed.

You have to clear or ask the urologist if you are an eligible candidate for RIRS.

RIRS is mostly done for up to 15 mm size stones in kidneys, however we at Urolife Hospital in Delhi practice RIRS upto 18 mm size.

There is no cut involved as all the procedure takes place through natural urinary passage and hence no cuts or stitches are needed.

The patient can be discharges even on the same day if all vitals and urine flow is clear. It is also common to find that few particles up to 4 to 6 mm are left after the procedure due to their position in kidney or impaction.

Within few days these remnants tend to flow out as the stent makes it possible due to dilated passages of ureters.

The cost varies from 75 thousand for a small stone to 1.25 lacs as a package. Urolife stone Hospital ensures that the latest technology reaches the common patient and gets benefitted without getting a cut.

There are number of cases which get same end result and save on cost after getting extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy with ultrasound guidance and hence this must be discussed with consultant.

We at Urolife Stone Hospital would be glad to guide you further. For any concerns regarding kidney stone you can call us at our helpline no +91-9990346046.

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