RIRS Treatment in Delhi

Although RIRS is a high precision, safe treatment technique with very lower complication rates, it can be a costly procedure.

Endoscopes such as Flexible ureteroscope, laser machine (Holmium), guidewire, and ureteral access sheath add to this cost.

The success of any technique for stone removal is to be evaluated in terms of Stone Free Rates (SFR), additional procedures needed; bleeding and redo possibilities along with complications and follow up.

Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) is a latest and highly precise treatment modality for stone removal. This technique is much refined to attain a high safety standard and incorporates dusting technology by holmium laser.

This laser dusting is done in a few seconds or up to a minute and this adds to its precise and comfortable nature.

The same is done under direct visualization through an endoscopic camera to give better control to the performing urologist.

The whole technique has a high learning curve for urologists and hence has few trained urologists who perform this procedure.

Shortest surgery time and direct visualization by an experienced urologist adds a high value further translating into high safety and comfort for the patient.

The high cost of consumables
Holmium Laser equipment along with its laser fibre is costly and has with single usage, along with the high cost of retrieval baskets and laser access sheath, therefore the total running cost becomes considerably high as compared to other procedures.

This cost thereafter brings along pinpoint accuracy with high success rates and faster recovery for the patient and are hallmarks of RIRS surgery.

The present cost of RIRS in Delhi
In major hospitals and stone speciality centres in Delhi, the cost ranges from minimum 75,000 to 1.25 lacs INR.

This cost is for a single side RIRS treatment and in cases where both ureters or kidneys are to be made stone-free, the cost is added to 50 % more.

However proper case selection is needed to perform both sides RIRS procedure owing to longer anaesthesia time and dust retrieval from stone.

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