Why is RIRS an expensive procedure?

Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) has become an effective and safe treatment modality in the management of urinary system stone disease in recent times. This advancement has been due to perfection of newer laser technology to accentuate dusting of kidney stone is the shortest time possible during the surgery.

As the Holmium Laser equipment is costly with single usage high cost of retrieval baskets and laser fibre, the total running cost comes conserably high as compared to other technology.

Longer learning curve and pin point accuracy with high success rates are the hall mark of RIRS surgery.

Success of any modality for stone disease needs to be evaluated in terms of Stone Free Rates (SFR), auxiliary procedures needed; complications and follow up.

SFR in RIRS is subject to parameters like stone burden, location, number, hardness, composition; calyceal and ureter anatomy; use of ureteric access sheath (UAS); surgeon experience etc.

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