Stone Removal Treatment

The onset of symptoms and at time lack of knowledge makes us vulnerable to a loss financially and the relief expected too doesn’t last long.

Most common pitfalls which become a sore point after treatment are listed below though its not a comprehensive. Small particles of stone get left behind after the procedure, at times the urologist advises to wait for them to pass naturally.

The pain still persists as nagging pain and at times is associated with burning in urination. This can be a result of inadequate course of antibiotics, or the infection gets resistant to repeated episodes.

There are ways namely Lithotripsy which is used by urologists to clear the remnant concretions or stones which are about 3 to 5 mm . Its a sound waves technology where waves fragment the small particles and then urine flushes them out.

They are needed to be cleared as soon as possible as medically they become a.nidus or a focal point for a new stone. Most patients do not get a post procedure x ray or scan, this could be a ultrasound or CT scan to be sure of the stone clearance.

If needed the remnants are planned to be removed by a stent or lithotripsy. Most of the patients when asked are not advised to get the passed stone analysed chemically which is a big mistake to ensure that recurrences are prevented.

Its an straight and easy process to get diet charting and start with few medicines such as tamulosin to avoid recurrences. A treated stone patient has above 80 percent chances of recurrences if not followed up in proper manner.

The changes of high fluid intake and avoiding red meat and fast food are few most important steps to avoid recurrences.

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