Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

A kidney stone is a medical condition in which minerals and other substances in urine get crystallized in the kidneys to form stones. This has to be treated by a specialized method and Lithotripsy is the process of treating certain types of kidney stones and gallbladder and liver stones.

Kidney stones may vary in size and texture from small sharp-edged ones to larger smoother ones like pebbles found in the river beds. These must be naturally expelled from the body through urine. However, the larger ones can’t pass through urine thus creating discomfort, pain and even bleeding when medical care is required. Based on medical recommendation lithotripsy can be done.

Lithotripsy Procedure: How Lithotripsy is conducted?

Lithotripsy is characterized by sound waves breaking the kidney stones into smaller ones so that these can pass through urine. These sound waves are also referred to as high energy shock waves. Extracorporeal lithotripsy or ESWL is the most popular type of lithotripsy which is done in various part of Delhi.

The term extracorporeal means ‘outside the body’ in which the reference is to the source of the shock waves. A lithotripter generates the shock waves which then by means of traveling into the patient’s body will facilitate in breaking the stones.

It’s a popular form of treatment for kidney stones as it doesn’t require surgery and had been in use for few decades. Being a non-invasive process this form of medical intervention is very safe and enhances quick recovery.

Lithotripsy is a hassle-free treatment as it will take only an hour or less. An anesthesia will be given to the patient to avoid any feeling of pain. The small pieces of stones can be easily removed from the kidney through urination. Lithotripsy doesn’t require you to remain in the hospital for several days as you can leave on the same day the procedure is done.

Enough intakes of water and fluids will be suggested after this procedure is done.

Lithotripsy in Delhi

There are several renowned doctors and medical clinics in Delhi where lithotripsy is done successfully regularly. However, make sure that you choose an appropriate facility which has kidney stone experts for better treatment.

Also, along with lithotripsy, there are various other methods through which kidney stone can be treated. Check with your doctor to find the most suitable method based on your conditions and choose accordingly.

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