Painless and Effective Kidney Stone Treatment-min

Painless and Effective Kidney Stone Treatment

Laser kidney stone treatment is a modern method of stone treatment, and it can be done without performing any kind of operation. This treatment is also known as lithotripsy. In lithotripsy, the kidney stones are broken up with the help READ MORE

All about Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

Laser assisted kidney stone treatment is a latest innovation which fragments the stone into dust or very fine particles and they can be taken out through the same tract without any cut in the body. This is one of the READ MORE

Kidney stone treatment without surgery

Kidney stone treatment without surgery: An Overview

Most of us are apprehensive of surgical procedures which is very natural in the past treatment for kidney stone was done with open surgery or endoscopic surgery. With the advent of Lasers these hard stones are fragmented to dust very READ MORE

Kidney stone laser treatment cost in delhi

Kidney stone laser treatment cost in delhi

The laser treatment for kidney stone depends on the size and location of kidney stone and the planning of type of laser to be used will also decide the cost. RIRS is done in cases of renal calculi upto 18 READ MORE

What exactly does “laser” treatment means in kidney stone removal?

Laser treatment is not a well understood term when we talk of kidney stone treatment. Some think no cut is given and others feel stone is crushed or evaporated in fragments. Most also believe it travels through skin to remove READ MORE