Who is likely to have kidney stone?

Time needed: 12 minutes.

Kidney Stone Fragmentation By Soundwaves

  1. Best Solution To Remove Kidney Stones Without Operation


  2. Treatment Options In Kidney Stones

    Kidney Stones cause pain due to sharp edges and also cause obstruction and need removal as fast as possible to avoid complications like kidney infection.
    For kidney stone treatment, endoscopic and open surgery are undertaken and are able to remove the stone after fragmentation and urine flow obstruction is relieved thereafter.
    Kidney stone laser treatment includes both the above procedures and they need an incision or keyhole approach to reach the stone enabling fragmentation and removing the particles of various sizes.

  3. Soundwave Technology Option

    Focussed sound waves are used to fragment the kidney stones using the pressure effect and this is done from outside the body.
    These waves enter the body through the skin surface like in x rays and no cut is needed.
    The stone gets loose on shearing by this pressure of focussed waves and the hard stone gets fragmented to a fine powdered form of about 1 to 2 mm.
    This eventually passes mixed with urine naturally and can be enhanced by the intake of a lot of water and medications.

    Advantages of Lithotripsy
    *No Cut
    *No Hospital Admission
    *Minimal or No chances of Infection
    *No loss of work
    *No Blood Transfusion is needed.

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