Kidney stones are small to minute masses of crystalline salts and minerals that form inside the kidney. They may travel down to the urinary tract and this condition, when it is most dangerous and painful. Sign and symptoms of kidney stones include blood in urine, and pain in the abdomen, groin, or flank. In some conditions the patient may suffer fever and chilling sensation due to infections. According to a study, 5% of people develop a kidney once in their lifetime.

Causes of kidney stones

The kidneys regulate levels of fluid, mineral salts and other substances in the body. When the balance of these substances changes the kidney stones start forming. Mainly uric acid and calcium phosphate are two compounds that comprise a kidney stone. Factors like dehydration, family history, genetics and presence of certain medical conditions increase the risk of having kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be diagnosed by imaging testing which includes X- ray called KUB view (Kidney, Ureter, bladder) or a helical CT scan. In some cases like pregnancy, where the rays used in these tests may harm the unborn and the mother as well, the detection is done with help of ultrasound.

Urology Treatment in Delhi

The stones of size 4 -5 mm and less can generally pass through the urinary tract through drinking of excessive water. But if the stones are bigger in size like 9mm or above, they can only be removed through surgery. Earlier, open surgeries were the only option to remove these stones, but nowadays other modern treatments are also available which are less hectic and also takes less time of recovery.

Some of them are: –

  • Lithoscopy

In this method shock waves are used to break down the kidney stones into smaller pieces and then they can be easily expelled from the body via the urinary tract.

  • Ureteroscope

This is an instrument that is advanced up though the urethra, bladder and finally the ureter. The stones are then collected into a small basket attached to it and taken out.

Delhi has some famous hospitals and clinics which provide surgery for kidney stones. The Urologists in Delhi are best at their job and have quite a good experience as well. Visit them and you will find an end to your ailments. However, it is highly recommended to share your problems in-depth with them to get best treatments and results.

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